Download the unofficial OpenAPI specification for the ConvertKit API

Build your app integration with ConvertKit faster.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an OpenAPI specification?

An OpenAPI specification, often referred to as OpenAPI spec or Swagger spec, is a standardized format for documenting and describing RESTful APIs. It defines the endpoints, request/response structures, authentication methods, and other details necessary for developers to interact with an API.

Why is there a need for an unofficial OpenAPI specification for ConvertKit?

ConvertKit does not provide an official OpenAPI specification. This unofficial specification was created directly from the official ConvertKit documentation.

Is the unofficial ConvertKit's OpenAPI specification endorsed by ConvertKit?

No, this OpenAPI specification is not officially endorsed by ConvertKit. It is an independent effort to provide developers with a standardized and accessible documentation format for integrating ConvertKit into their projects.

How do I use the unofficial ConvertKit's OpenAPI specification?

Once you download it, you can import it into Postman, Insomnia or similar tools to start working with the different endpoints.

Is the unofficial ConvertKit's OpenAPI specification regularly updated?

We strive to keep it up-to-date with any changes or additions to ConvertKit's API.